Thursday, January 30, 2020

Effective People, Communication and Information Essay Example for Free

Effective People, Communication and Information Essay Legoland is a group of Lego themed adventure parks that offer an assortment of Lego themed attraction, mainly targeted at young children and families. Legoland is based in many different places in the world. At the moment there are four main Legoland parks. Legoland Billund in Denmark, Legoland Deutschland in Germany, Legoland Windsor in England and Legoland California in America. They also employ for a number of jobs including, catering, admissions, rides and attractions, security, finance, nursing etc. These jobs are normally seasonal as Legoland is only open in the summer and some holidays. This job can be part time or full time during the working season. In this section of the assignment I will describe Legolands rigorous recruitment process. They start the process in December during which time they send out invitations to previous staff and to local advertising to attract attention. They send invites to previous staff as they may want to work again and the company can save money on training new staff. While advertising is going on, all applications are shortlisted to the few that employers think have more potential. In January and early February, the successful candidates are then called for interviews. In Mid-February and March staff training starts so new employees are taught how to use the equipment properly and get to know the safety rules. Training is done during this time of year so staff are fully trained before Legoland opens to families. From april to august the recruitment is ongoing with staff turnover. This is because when some staff start, they may not like the job and decide to leave so Legoland need to be prepared to replace those that leave. Legoland also try to attend as many careers fairs as possible where feasible. This depends on staff availability. When Legoland staff arrive at these fairs, they set-up recruitment stands and models. They also provide job descriptions, applications and employment advice that relates to qualifications and experience that specific departments look at. Legoland attracts potential employees in many different ways: * Website to attract national and international employees. * Local newspaper to attract local audiences. * Careers Fairs held in schools and colleges to attract younger members. * Job centres. * Word of mouth. This section of the assignment is mainly about how Legoland attract potential employees. In order to find the right people they have to support their brand image to find a quality employee. The selection techniques are very strict as managers have to be very professional in choosing the right employees. Their advertising is focused and emphasises their culture and personal qualities. Their relationships with local employment bodies and educational establishments are very close so as to give everyone a chance to work there. You can apply by undergoing a screening interview on the phone or in person. This is good as Legoland employers can see aswell as get to know possible future employees. You can also apply online for any available jobs. By doing this and having overseas agents and employment organisations Legoland have internationalism. Legoland try to ensure that staff turnover is kept as low as possible by doing many different things. They try to get as many past workers as possible to save money on training which keeps the turnover low as less money is spent and less people are expected to leave as they have previously worked there. Appraisals are held to keep track of employees targets and the way they are working. Departments can get certain goals and targets to help achieve certain things. Legoland staff are given rewards and awards to help keep up their good work so there is less chance of them leaving the job as they may enjoy it more and decide to stay on further. Legoland look closely at NVQs and cross-reference them with other assessment schemes

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