Sunday, February 9, 2020

Communication and Leadership Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Communication and Leadership Paper - Essay Example For the purpose of this disposition, the arguments would use Barack Obama as an orator and a good communicator. It is to imply that the essay would peg the character of President Barack Obama and how they qualify him as a good communicator. To begin with, it was impressive for President Barack Obama to campaign and articulate issues to the general population from a position of political and historical disadvantage. Historically, the people of African-American descent did not have the benefit of being able to vote not to mention the ability or the chance to vie for the highest political office in the land. However, during the presidential campaigns, President Barack Obama did postulate a running caption and theme which was the basis of his campaigns (Nisbet, 2009). Thus, being able to present the â€Å"Yes We Can† slogan to the general public smacks of excellence in the prospects of good communication skills. Intuitively, the ability to make the general electorate to believe ion the common destiny of a public president and a revived economy implied that as a communicator the president had to articulate and convince the general public to move in the right direction. The second instance and reason which makes it apparent to the communication abilities of president Barack Obama was the style in presidential debates. It is conventional knowledge and wisdom that the then Democrat presidential candidate scored well in the debates over the two successive candidate in John McCain and Mitt Romney. Most of the observers noted that President Barack Obama during the debates did put in a lot of effort and income to win the hearts of the undecided voters in the elections. In all aspects and fairness, he did maintain a positive attitude and respectable smile to the audience of listeners and viewers all over the United States of America. His body

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